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High-efficiency speakers

For many years, Line Magnetic has been recognized worldwide as a specialist in repair and production of Western Electric, Altec, Jensen, and other replicas of loudspeakers and electronics.

Besides these productions, Line Magnetic also offers a whole range of components, loudspeakers, tube feeders, etc ... which are the delight of passionate audiophiles all over the world.

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High-efficiency speakers

LM-3 3-way speakers - LM302 - 22A - LM555W - BA-18

The LM-3 synthesizes the passion of Line Magnetic's teams ...

LM-812 Iconic 2-way speakers – LM808 – LM802 – BA-18

The LM-812 speakers have a yield of 102dB and develop a ...

LM-222 Coaxial speakers - LM222

The LM-222 speakers have a yield of 102dB and develop 2x30W ...

LM-69 Full range speaker - Sensitivity 95dB

The LM-69 speakers have a efficienty of 95 dB and develop a ...